​​​​​​​​​Linda Kaye Poetry

The documentary short film 20 Years Left, is a labor of love
about the making of the stage production of the same name.
The significance of the title 20 Years Left, lies in the fact that the artists involved are mature, seasoned performance poets of a certain age who are aware that they may have... 20 years left!

Twenty years left of living, loving and making art. These are the people who have accumulated their own individual histories, and who still have their own goals and desires as they embark on their next, or perhaps final, chapters. They’re still here, will remain here (for another 20 years, at least) and still have a lot to say. 

The poets are established members of the Los Angeles poetry community, and includes
Bill Ratner, the Conga Poet, Aleka Corwin, Lee Boek,  Jim Bolt and  Linda Kaye

Musical direction by Dan Weinstein / Musical Score by Harry Scorzo.
Cinematographer Tim Karau / Film Editor, Anna Karau,